Alliance for a Sustainable Information Society,, Vol.1 (1999)

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Issue # 1 - EU Ministers Cap; G7 Wants Standards
Issue # 2 - WTO Proposes WEO; Tech.Prep in Bonn
Issue # 3 - EU Ministers Cap Flexmechs
Issue # 4 - London Conference; GHG Reporting
Issue # 5 - WTO vs. UNEP; EU Study; Ukraine
Issue # 6 - Technology Special; Anti-CC ICT   
Issue # 7 - SD Assessment; OECD Guidelines
Issue # 8 - Stuttgart conference; telework credit
Issue # 9 - Global Public Goods; heat/ power CHP
Issue #10 - New Power Labels; Sensing Fires
Issue #11 - Hamburg conference; Gulf Stream
Issue #12 - Kassel, Laxenburg, energy scenarios
Issue #13 - Potsdam, WEC database, U.S., COP5
Issue #14 - Earth Observ., IPCC TAR, WTO T&E
Issue #15 - Seattle WTO/UNEP, sky, e-commerce


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We at the ASIS project bring you, our readers in academia, NGOs and companies, updates every 3-4 weeks on the "flexibility" or Kyoto mechanisms. We think that information and communication technology (ICT) can help provide answers to the challenge posed by climate change. We hope to hear from you as well on action that your organization is taking.


Thomas Ruddy,, editor and chairperson, Climate Change Action Group,


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Readers who have not yet done so are encouraged to endorse our work by reading one of three alternative documents: 1) the original Statement of Intent at, showing a list of co-signers, or 2) download the PDF version for Adobe Acrobat,, or 3) read the updated version on this server entitled Statement of Intent August 99. The latter includes a convenient reply form at the bottom of the attachment. It suffices to "sign" and email it in to us.


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