The Larger Agenda


Dec.1999 Seattle WTO attempts to arrange a Millennium Round of trade talks
Early 2000 Washington  World Bank/ IMF meetings employ I&C Technologies to set up controversial Global Development Gateway,
June 2000 Tokyo UNCTAD e-commerce workshop on Asia with PDF file and CD-ROM
July 5-7 New York UN expert group recommends a UN "ICT Task Force" drawing on private funding such as the "Turner Fund" in their report published for a meeting of the UN's ECOSOC, for the G-8 summit and the UN's Millennium Summit in Sept.; main recommendation, debt, climate, and previous events
July 16 Yokohama,Japan Meeting of ICANN Board establishes new top-level domains
July 21 Okinawa, Japan G-8 nations employ ICT to set up the global Digital Opportunity Taskforce, dotforce, and
July 26 New York Kofi Annan expands his Davos initiative to set up a Global Compact,, "designed partly to keep the debate over labour and environmental standards out of the World Trade Organisation" according to John Ruggie, spec. advisor to Annan (FT 28.7.); criticism
Sept. 4-10 New York State-of-the-World Forum. Here UNDP's Brown spoke in favor of ICT for combatting the global digital divide, unlike Gates.
Sept. 6-8 New York UN Millennium Summit; summary of world charter initiatives
Sept. 25-26 Miami FL, USA Global Business Dialogue discusses its "Digital Bridges" Task Force.
Sept. 2000 Prague World Bank/ IMF meetings; criticism
Oct. 1-4 Ulm, Germany Invitation-only Global Society Dialogue on the topics of Information Society, sustainability and global governance, WTO, WB/ IMF
Oct. 6 Hannover Public Conference at Expo2000
Oct. 11-13 Loccum near Hannover UNEP's Klaus Toepfer and Protestant Academy hold meeting on the topic of the WTO
Oct. 16-18 Seattle Conference, Here Gates spoke against using ICT for combatting the global digital divide, unlike Brown.
Oct. 19-20 Sophia-Antipolis, France Global Forum 2000,
Nov. 13-15
Paris InfoEthics 2000,
2002 Johannesburg, South Africa Rio +10, the UN Earth Summit III, activities planned in this Draft Process Agenda , by this coalition including at the European Partners for the Environment
2003 Switz. or Tunisia International Telecommunication Union ITU holds "Information Society Summit",

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