In December 2002 a new Special Research Area has opened in Bremen with some of the same cooperation partners as those mentioned below.

On August 28, 2000, there has been an interesting conference on globalization at the Aspen Institute featuring Jessica Matthews and Joseph Nye, etc., still documented on the Web as a Real audio file downloadable from Harvard.

An extensive literature survey on globalization was published by the UN under Kofi Annan's partnership with business on Jan. 31st, 2000,

A new collection of readings on globalization is listed below under HELD. Several new publications on globalization have appeared in 2000 at Zed Books, U.K. publishers of the "Sustainable Germany" study in English; there are descriptions on the Webpage of Zed Books.

Research institutions working on the topic of globalization:

If anyone doubts the need for improving the state of the world, read a first-hand account, a so- called travelogue, by:

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