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Biographical Information

 1964  was an AFS exchange student from the USA to Vienna, Austria
 1969  graduated from St.Lawrence University
 1971-76  academic jobs, edited book
 1977-87  translation work, edited book
 1992  met E.-U.von Weizsaecker and organized conference in Berlin
 1987-97  environmental work, published articles (see detailed publication list)
 1998  worked at Saxony Development Corp. for Telematics in Leipzig
2000-2002 taught at Solothurn University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
2002-2004 taught at Webster University Geneva Campus
since 2002 working at Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research
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Personal Interests

Current Project

Previous Projects

I have spoken on the Indicator Greenhouse Gas Intensity at these conferences:

    May 7, 1999 - Quality of Life, Austria (now documented on p. 82 ff. of the 2 MB PDF file downloadable as "Event No.1", readings under Hot List)

    May 27, 1999 - McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Other current activities are described in more detail separately.

Hot List

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